Waiting For Approval In Microsoft Flow - Part One


This article will help you to understand what is Microsoft Flow and creating a wait module for approval in Microsoft Flow.

What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow helps you to combine two or more services on cloud and makes your work simple with the help of that. Microsoft gives you 35 and more connections free of cost including services like SharePoint and OneDrive, with public software services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Approval in Microsoft Flow

This allows you to create an item in Sharepoint which will help you to send approval mail and then notify you whether the item was approved or rejected.


Microsoft Flow is under preview, so it is free of cost, any one could access it.

Make sense with the below links to understand what is flow and to sketch in the details.

Useful Links,

In part one of the article we will be creating a simple SharePoint Online list that’s named Project Tracker with a coloumn named Title and add a person named Assigned to.

Follow the below steps now to create a simple SharePoint Online List,

Step 1 - Goto SharePoint portal by this URL and login with your credentials.

Click on SharePoint menu on this Office 365 Portal.

Office 365 Portal

Step 2 - Click on Create Site.

Create Site

Step 3 - Name the new SharePoint site. Here I will be naming it as “Project Tracker” and followed by a click on Create button.


This creates a new site now.

new site

Step 3 - Click on the Settings panel and goto Site Contents,


Step 4 - Click on Add an app,

Add an app

Step 5 - Select Custom List,

Custom List

Add a name for the Custom List that you have created, I will be adding the same name of Project Tracker over here followed by a click on the Create button.

Add a name

Click on edit list now.

edit list

Add Title name and another Colomn named Assigned to..

Add Title name

Now the online SharePoint List has been created..

Follow my next article to build a flow app which will be providing approval using this SharePoint List.

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