What Is Embeddinator-4000

Microsoft Xamarin team recently announced .NET Embedding that allows developers to convert their existing .NET libraries that can be used in their Xamarin based mobile apps. How do we do that? Well, say hello to Embeddinator-4000.

Embeddinator-4000 is a tool to turn existing .NET libraries into libraries that can be consumed by other languages.

It is a tool that takes a .NET assembly and generates the necessary glue to surface the .NET API as a native API. The goal is to surface .NET libraries to all ecosystems where Mono/Xamarin run, and for each platform we provide an interface that is native to that platform as well as the tools needed to turn a .NET library into something that can be consumed on that platform.

Presently there is support for .NET to C, Objective-C (across the various Apple platforms) and Java (Android and regular Java), across Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

Embeddinator-4000 is available in Github to download and contribute.

Download, learn more and get started with Embeddinator-4000 here: https://mono.github.io/Embeddinator-4000/

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