What Is Three State Workflow In SharePoint 2013?

Here, I am explaining the Three State Workflow in SharePoint Online.


Microsoft has already provided an out-of-box feature called Three State Workflow. Using Three State Workflow, we can track our list or library in three states. This is very useful when tracking issues, project tasks, leads, or other similar items.

Steps for creating Three State Workflow

Before we start, we need to activate Three-state Workflow inside Site collection features. 


Once you have activated the Three-state workflow feature, it will be available as a workflow template to all your lists, libraries, and content types.

Step 1

Chose the list or library you want to associate with a workflow and click on List. So here, I have chosen the Issue Tracking list.


Step 2

Now, you can add the Three State Workflow to your List. So, click on List –> Workflow Settings and choose "Add a Workflow" from the dropdown menu.


Step 3

Type the name of a new workflow and specify the necessary settings.


Step 4

Now, choose the "Start" option of Workflow and click Next.

Step 5

Select a 'Choice' field, and then select a value for the initial, middle, and final states. For an Issues list, the states for an item are specified by the Status field. So, we have no need to change anything over here.

Step 6

Next, you can specify what you want to get happenned when a workflow is initiated.


Before we put the Email id in Email Message details, we need to configure Email Setting otherwise the E-Mail will not work.

Step 7

Specify what you want when a workflow changes to its middle state.

Step 8

Next, click on OK. For confirmation, you can check your workflow in Workflow Settings page.

Step 9

Go to your List and add an item in your list followed by checking yoor workflow status.


Step 10

Now, you can check the Workflow status and your history list.

Step 11

Check your Inbox;  you must have got an email from user.

Step 12

Now, edit your Workflow and choose the status as completed.


Step 13

Check your task. Workflow status is showing completed and the review task has started.


Step 14

Again, you will get an email notification. Please check your Inbox.

Step 15

Now, check the Workflow History .


Step 16

Finally, all these states are completed; check your task status.

Step 17

Now, check your Issue Status.


The effective use of three-state workflow should decrease the delivery time for a tracking system with email notifications. We can also use custom lists with transition properties for using the Three-state workflow.

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