Brand New LLBLGen Pro V4.1 Released


Today, you will learn about the latest version of LLBLGen Pro. The latest version is version 4.1, which has been revealed by Microsoft in this week. Those who have the version 4 license, can upgrade it for free.

Let me tell you some more information about the LBLGen Pro. It is used as a designer and in this we create some entity model, mappings. It smoothly associates with the Visual Studio and is also used as a stand alone. If you are mapping many OR then it is the best option to choose. It has many characteristics such as its flexibility, robustness and is also able to handle several entities.

It is a professional tool and yes if you are a professional, you have to use it.  

So lets have to look on the following sections to describe that what are the recent features in this new version:

  • Designer
  • Runtime Framework


  • Support of Entity Framework 6

    The .NET Framework 4, 4.5 and 4.5.1 now have the support of the latest version Entity Framework 6.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Integration

    Now, it easily integrates with the Visual Studio 2013.
  • Support of Oracle 12c

    Now, the new Oracle drivers identity and the default scheme are supported by it.
  • ODP.NET 12c Support

    The Oracle driver which is based on ODP.NET can now work with the ODAC 12+ managed provider.

Runtime Framework

  • Full async API

    Now the full async API is released with the runtime framework which is usable in Linq, QuerySpec and for the low label API to retrieve the data.
  • Transient Error Recovery

    Now, it has the ability to recover from the transient errors occurring during the database activity.
  • Support of Oracle 12c

    Now the runtime framework can supports the Oracle 12c along with  its new drivers as well as the paging keywords for the SELECT statement in Oracle 12c.
  • Oracle ODP.NET Provider Support

    The runtime framework now support the managed OPD.NET provider for Oracle.


So far this blog will help you in learning about the LLBLGen Pro and its latest version. But there are many other characteristics as well new enhancements and improvements that has been made in this latest version of LLBLGen Pro.

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