Crossbrowser Testing

Nowadays the web-applications are increasing day by day one side and new browsers are been developed on the other side. Here comes the great difficult for a tester where he have to test all his testcases in all the browsers. A tester must check how well a webpage is displayed in every browser and its functionalities. This type of testing is also called as browser compatibility.


We are going to discuss about some of the most popular browsers that are used by many and first of all we will know whats there difference between the browsers.


The above mentioned are some of the major differences between the browsers which are there and now we are going to see about the major areas a tester should focus on during cross browser testing.

Its not important in finishing testing in all the browser, but exact testing must be finished in all the browsers

There are certain key areas where we have to concentrate in cross-browser testing they are:

  • Page Layout
  • Text Alignments
  • Font size and Font-styles
  • Mouse Hover
  • Javescript enabled/disabled
  • HTML,CSS validations are matiching with all the browsers
  • Header and Footer layout
  • Page navigations
  • Image alignments along with pixels
  • Scroll bar and Picklist appearance
  • Spaces wherever needed and written in coding
  • Buttons used in coding,whether that works in all the browsers.
  • Flash Build in or Enabled
  • Popups used in the coding pops up properly in all the browsers as expected.
  • SSL certificates.
  • Page responses properly in zoom in and zoom out time.
  • Pagination should be checked properly in all the browsers.
  • The values submitted via forms to database must be verified.
  • Content management should be tested with all the browsers.
  • Pages should be tested enabling/disabling the cookies.
  • Some of the functionalities wont work due to compatible issues those must also be tested.
  • All the test must be repeated with all the operating system as per client requirement.
  • Cursor properties
  • Loading speed of the browser so that if there is any transaction functionality it will be measured.


The above properties to be noted while testing a web-application by cross-browser testing. The main aim of this testing is to ensure that the site renders without error or differences on the target web browsers. Some minor differences are expected from browser to browser which can be left as known issues.

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