Dell’s new laptops are for gamers who don’t want to pay the Alienware premium

Graphics-wise, the laptops can run anything from a GTX 1050 up to a 1060 Max-Q. It would’ve been nice to see a 1070 or even a 1080 option, but Dell seems intent on making sure you know Alienware still makes more powerful laptops. The laptops come with a 1080p panel by default, but the G5 and G7 can be fitted with an IPS 4K panel as well.

It’s clear Dell is cutting price on the G Series with the build quality relative to some of its other models. They’re all pretty plasticky, and a signficant step down from the tank-like metal construction of the Alienware laptops (which now come with 8th Gen processors too, by the way). But they are a lot cheaper: the G3, G5, and G7 start at $749, $949, and $1099, respectively. Additional configurations starting at $849 will be available for the two higher end models “soon.”

Dell announced several other new products today too, including an 8th Gen XPS 15 in an all-black trim. You can read more about these here.