Disappointed by Adobe

2 days ago I have downloaded my long term love - Flash Builder's final release(4.7)

I was like what good improvements did Adobe present for us and very curious about Mobile Project Templates.I was excited as im gonna try it for the first time.

Created a new Flex Mobile Project,selected iOS and Android(Blackberry wasnt there! that sadden me,too)
After setting Design Models and AppIDs,finally clicked on Finish button!

After 10 min of search in Flash Builder IDE,i couldnt find Design View.I was thinking where the hell did they implemented that button.

After Googling a bit,found that forum post:

They really removed Design View functionality.As experienced as someone like me who has no problem with a Design View -as i hard-coded layouts for Blackberry and Android(Java),Bada(C++) OS'es - i thought of other people WHO are used to drag&drop and WYSIWYG editor with great mobile,Windows or Web-based apps designing functionalities cant go so easily removed since there are lots of people WHO are using and depending on an alternative or first choice when building multi-platform apps. 

Without Design View,even the "donation to Apache Group" explanation wont silence the angry flex sdk developers out there.We're not here to judge Adobe's strategy of removing the most perfect part of Flash Builder.We're merely seek Adobe to see reason and reconsider that strategy.

Thats all we want.Give developers what they want!

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