Error During The Installation Of SharePoint Server Configuration File

Today, I was playing with MIM and User profile Service in SharePoint Server 2016, and I deleted the management Agent (ADMA, SPMA), uninstalled the MIM Server and SharePoint Connector as well.

After re-installing the MIM Server and SharePoint Connector, when I tried to re-configure the Microsoft Identity Manager(MIM) for User Profile Service in SharePoint server 2016. I ended up with the following:

The property ‘name’ cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists and can be set.

At F:\temp\mim\SyncFiles\SharePointSync.psm1:120 char:5

  1. $ = $DefaultNamingContext.distinguishedName.ToStrin + CategoryInfo: InvalidOperation: (: )[],   
  2. RuntimeException FullyQualifiedErrorId: PropertyNotFound  

Similar error appears for ‘dn’, ‘name’, ‘guid’, ‘inclusion’, ‘exclusion’ properties a couple of times.

I tried different things but could not find a clue. Finally Trevor helped to fix the issue.


When you run PowerShell script to install the configuration files during the configuration, it updates the MA-ADMA.xml, MA-SPMA.xml and MV.xml with the values that you provide during the installation script i.e. DN, OU etc.

If you are trying to re use the these XML files(MA-ADMA.xml, MA-SPMA.xml, MV.xml), then it will throw the error as mentioned above, since these fields are already updated in the files.


Now, you have two options to fix the issue


  1. Download the fresh files from the GitHub site and use them for the installation. It is the best practice because you will get the latest updates, if any.
  2. You can restore it from the backup, if you see the location of sync files folder. You will see the MS-ADMA.xml.bak. Rename it and use it. 

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