Getting Started With Change Request

What is a Change request ?

A change request is a document, which contains a call for an adjustment of a system. It is of great importance in the change management process. A change request is declarative; i.e., it states what needs to be accomplished, but leaves out how the change should be carried out.

Change requests typically originate from one of five sources

  1. Problem reports that identifies the bugs must be fixed, which forms the most common source.
  2. System enhancement requests from the users.
  3. Events in the development of the other systems.
  4. Changes in underlying the structure and or standards (e.g. in software development, this can be a new operating system).
  5. Demands from the senior management.

How we implement Change request in CEA Project

When a deployment has been initiated; the client creates a Change request and shares the ticket (Jira) with everyone who is involved in the deployment, which in turn reveals that a new ticket is opened in JIRA and the respective tickets, which are about to be deployed, will be linked to the main ticket.


Change request ticket will be CR-100 and in this, all the tickets which are going to be deployed will be linked, eg., WEB-2200, WEB-1200, BAU-1011.

Use of Change request for QA team

The main aim is to have all the stories at a single point without missing any tickets. This is mainly used for the production validation, where we can make sure that we won’t miss any of the stories in our validation. For dev teams, it is useful that they deploy all the developed stories into production.

Sample Change request


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