Here Comes Maddy's BOT

Many people were wondering, what exactly have I been doing recently? Hence, I decided to answer this question with the help of what I am doing nowadays.

Yes, I am doing BOTS and lots of other exciting work. Today, I am happy to launch my own BOT, Maddy's BOT on Facebook messenger. This BOT can be experienced from it's Facebook page or BOT can also be accessed from this direct link.

While working on my recently published book,'Building Bots with Node.js', there was always a thought of building a personal BOT or something sort of like my own AI assistant, who can talk about me. Thus, instead of showcasing an app or a Website, I thought...why not a BOT? That's how Maddy's BOT came into the world.

With this BOT, I have tried to give a great conversational experience to the people, who would like to know more about me. This primarily focuses on what exactly I am doing these days in terms of writing, public speaking and most importantly my ongoing consulting work. People who would like to know more apart from the information on this BOT can reach out to me, using great features like 'Get In Touch'.

Maddy's BOT has been built, using Chatfuel and has a very basic intelligence. Thus, feel free to interact with Maddy's BOT and share your feedback. Maddy's BOT is still evolving.

Happy conversations with lots of BOTs coming in future.