How To Calculate The Date Custom Field By Adding Days

Navigate to "PWA Settings" page from SharePoint online, as shown below.

Select PWA Settings >> Enterprise Data >> Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables.

Then, a list of custom fields displays.

Our goal is to add some days (Let’s say 21 days) to the existing date custom field.

For this, click on "New Field".

Give a custom name to the new field and add the days to the existing date custom field in "Custom Attributes" textbox, as shown below.

Select the "Formula" button and include " [Existing Date field] + add days" and Save.

Let’s Verify

Go to Projects page as shown below.

Select the project and open "Project Details" page, as shown below.

From the above screenshot, you can see that "Actual Comm" and "Actual Comm Date" fields are empty. Let us give a date in Actual Comm date.

Save and close the project.

Re-open the project and see the result. It displays output as below.

Thanks for reading my blog. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome.

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