Messaging System In WCF

Here we discuss the Messaging system in WCF. There are three types of applications in WCF For sending and receiving messages:

1)      Clients.

2)      Services

3)      Intermediaries


Now we discuss the role of these applications one by one:

Clients:  It initiates communication by sending message. It sends a message to a service and waits for a response. The Service receives the message and sends a response.

Services:  A service is a program that receives messages and performs predefined actions according to the contents of the message. A service can handle more than one clients.

Intermediaries:  It plays a role like a firewall in between the Client and the Service. It can prevent unwanted messages from getting in, it can routing messages just like a gateway or many other actions done by it. Both the Client and the Service has no idea about the existence of the intermediary.

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