My Recent Interest

The users dont need to install all the contents on their PC and that doesnt expand the size of your game.

Likewise in Android games where you install a 3D game with size of 250 KB  but after running it needs confirmation to update a package of 300+ MB.That sounds great to me.And wanted to do the same kind of work. 

Im still working on it but wanted to give you an overview what im talking about.

Here is the .fbx(Autodesk 3D Model File Extension) i will download and use it in my XNA game.


And here is the app loading the model inside


Runs well for me.But got so many punches in the face thanks to the support of XNA Environment!

I will work on it,finalize my study and share the news with you.

That work has been done with one of my friends.He asked if it was possible to transfer files through network and i worked on it a lot and came up with this solution.

What do you think about it? Storing content files such as 3d models is a good idea for developing XNA Games or Applications?

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