Power NVM - A Node Version Manager For Windows

NVM is a popular tool that runs on bash to manager node versions. Power-nvm is a version I created for Windows, to install:
  1. Install-Module -Name power-nvm  
It has the following commands (for now),
  1. nvm default <Version> # set version as default  
  2. nvm install <Version> # install version  
  3. nvm ls [Filter] # list installed versions  
  4. nvm ls-remote [Filter] # list released versions  
  5. nvm setdir <Path> # set NODE main dir  
  6. nvm use <Version> # use NODE version  
It sets a folder for the Node installation (also sets $env:NODE_DIR) and inside it creates a folder called versions where Node is "installed" when you run nvm install <Version>.
When you use nvm <Version>  it adds versions\<Version> folder to the path in the current session only.
When you use nvm default <Version> it copies the files from versions\<Version> to a level above, which is $env:NODE_DIR and that is included in the path.
It shows all files installed in versions folder.
In the README.md on github.com/brunolm/nvm you can find examples and more. Help commands are available,
  1. help nvm  
  2. nvm <Command> -help [-full | -detailed | -examples]
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