SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Application Management - Site Collection Administrators

Use this page to view and change the primary and secondary site collection administrators for a site collection. As site collection administrators, these users receive any quota or auto-deletion notices and have full control over all the content in the site collection.

Direct Link to this Page is /_admin/owners.aspx

We want to change the secondary site collection administrator of KrossFarm site. Please follow the steps given below. Please make sure to login with your Farm admin account.

  • First, we have to select the KrossFarm SiteCollection.

    • Click on arrow on next to site collection ( Right Hand).2016-05-13_23h25_59
    • Now, click on KrossFarm site collection and click OK.

  • This page will be displayed.

  • Now, replace the Kftest to Waqas Sarwar and Click OK.

  • This will set the waqas sarwar as the secondary site collection administrator.
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