Silverlight Trivia

Silverlight Trivia


Time for some fun with Silverlight!


Try and answer these trivia questions. Googling the answers is cheating so answer what you know and if you don’t skip the question and head to the next.  Correct Answers are given at the bottom, scroll down to see only after you have attempted the questions.


  1. Which league team in the USA  (hint: basketball league, not football) has teamed up with Microsoft (in particular by using Silverlight) in order to deliver better user experiences for fans?


  1. Which cellphone manufacturer has announced that it will make Silverlight available on its S60 Smartphones?


  1. Which television network in USA has adopted Silverlight for user-generated content initiatives on the Web?


  1. What is Mono’s implementation of Silverlight called?




  1. NBA
  2. Nokia
  3. CBS
  4. Moonlight 
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