Software Quality Standards

To improve the process of software development in an organisation, Software Engeneering Institute (SEI) has developed "CAPABILITY MATURITY MODEL" Which is now known as "CAPABILITY MATURITY MODEL INTEGRATION".  It is a model of 5 levels of process maturity that determines the effectiveness of an organization in delevering quality software. The organisation are rated as CMMI Level 1, CMMI Level 2 etc. by evaluating their organisatinal process maturity.

These Levels are describes as under:

CMMI Level 1: In this level, Successes depend on individuals and may not be repeatable. As it is Characterised by un organised, chaos, periodic panics, and heroic efforts required by individuals to successfully complete projects.

CMMI Level 2: In this level, successful practices can be repeated. As Software project tracking, requirements management, realistic planning, and configuration management processes are in place.

CMMI Level 3: In this level,
Standard software development and maintenance processes are integrated throughout an organisation; a Software Engineering Process Group is in place to oversee software processes, and training programs are used to ensure understanding and compliance.

CMMI Level 4: In this level, Metrics are used to track productivity, processes, and products. Project performance is predictable, and quality is consistently high.

CMMI Level 5: In this level, The focus is on continuous process improvement. The impact of new processes and technologies can be predicted and effectively implemented when required.
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