Throw-Away Applications Feature in Visual studio 2013

Throw-Away Applications Feature

This is a new feature in Visual studio 2013 which helps to save space also user can create a project for Prototype without saving it. Visual Studio now works more like Microsoft Office applications, allowing you to create a project and start coding, and defer the decision of if/where to save it.

One of the first things you may notice when starting Visual Studio 2013 is that the "New Project" window looks a bit different, as shown in below Figure. When creating a new project, the location and name of the solution no longer have to be set immediately. In previous versions, the project's name and location had to be set before it was created, even if you were just testing something out and planned to delete it right away. For those who create many new projects, that meant either an extra step to delete the project or having a cluttered project directory.

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