Top 21 Points To Learn From The C# Corner Annual Conference 2016

So friends, like each year, I am posting some good conference points. I am back again -- recently I attended North India's biggest conference: the C# Corner Annual Conference held in Delhi/NCR from March 18-20, 2016. The following are some good points I noted down that will be helpful for all developers.

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail, learn from your mistakes.

  2. Be a continuous learner, learn new techniques, and learn new ways to write code; and remember, it’s not necessary to become a master of everything.

  3. Value your code and make sure other developers can understand your code easily and can reuse it. Make sure to use proper comments and use the region in your code so it's easy to understand.

  4. Find a mentor; or, in other words, according to Indian traditions, find a guru who can show you the path of success, who can guide you, who can encourage you in your troubles. Make sure the guru is only showing you the path, but for following the path you will need to work and step out. Be a mentor and help others, it will make you a better individual.

  5. Don’t be a jerk. When we say "jerk" it means that there are many lazy programmers in the company who are dependent on others, who play politics. Please don’t be like them, just help and support every individual you find in your life. The rule is simple, the more you help others, the more will return to you a thousand times over for your help.

  6. Don’t over commit! That means sometimes programmers over commit and say that they can can do everything. Always remember, this means they say YES for everything. Remember, failing after saying YES is much worse than saying a clear NO.

  7. For small companies: When you have a small company, you need to focus on many things. I also run a small company and really, sometimes I am an operator, programmer, manager, tester, office boy, cleaning boy, network admin, marketing manager, and have other profiles too.

  8. Remember, software is taking over the world nowadays. You will find software everywhere, and that will continue in the future, so make sure you are updated with the latest technologies.

  9. There is a difference between a project manager and a product manager; if you are the project manager your job is to manage the project and deliver it bug free to the customer, but when someone is playing the role of product manager, then he needs to take care of technology, roadmapping, marketing, social media, delivery, execution of skills, and much more.

  10. Be a good listener; make sure your listening skills are best thing in the world, and remember, we were given two ears and one mouth. We ought to listen twice as much as we speak. As you listen, don’t steal the other person’s turn to talk. Listen not only with your ears, but with your eyes and your heart. You don't have to necessarily agree with the speaker, but imagine how he or she feels. Put yourself in another person's shoes to fully understand their point of view.

  11. You have to be good at something. Remember, if we talk from a programming point of view, then make sure you are at least good at something. You may be good at database or design or development; and as mentioned earlier in point two, you don’t need to become a master of everything.

  12. Design is not just what it look likes. Design is how it works.

  13. The world's most valuable resource is talent, and remember, if you are talented in anything then you don’t need to worry about anyone.

  14. When we talk about a product-based company then remember, the problem is not building the product. The actual problem is doing the maintenance and providing services to the product, so that is one of the biggest challenges you need to remember in case you are starting any product-based company.

  15. If you want to become a successful developer make sure you are doing testing, testing, and more testing.

  16. Contribute in open source; remember, it is important that if you are contributing, whenever you download any code, if it is useful for you then do not forget to say thanks to that author. If you found any bug or have some code idea share it,  and open sourcing it will help you a lot.

  17. Become a part of a community. Here, when I talk about community, it means everything -- either email, social networking, SMS, and much more. Make sure you are connected and surrounded by great people. On your social profile, email your connections and never hesitate to ask questions on community forums, you can also contribute on Stack Overflow or C# Corner forums.

  18. Developers should be open for everything, and please don’t depend on any one single thing. Make sure your job is to develop code in an efficient manner.

  19. Do not forgot to learn what is happening on the hardware side. Most developers only take care of the software side but they forget about others, so keep your eyes open to the hardware part too, not only code.

  20. Take your work seriously but do not take yourself seriously.

  21. Last and most important, from my mentor, Sir Gaurav Mantri, if you never want to be criticized, for goodness sake do not do something new.

Last year, I shared one article, and if you want to read what I learned from the previous year's C# Conferencethen please refer to the following link,

Thanks again for reading and your time.
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