var args are new feature of Java 5 and what about C# ?

In a java forum, I have been (asked) by a java geek about the variables arguments in C# saying that it is a nouveauty in java 5 and it doesn't exist in C# syntax, I defy you if you provide me the equivalent of the under code:
public void Method(String ... Numbers)
for(String s : Numbers)
System.out.println(s); }
The method is called as follow
I said OK, what about this code?
public void Method(params string[] Numbers)
foreach (string s in Numbers)
{ MessageBox.Show(s);
To call the method proceed like this amigo, recall that this old technique exists even within C# 2.0 - 2005
Method("1", "2", "3", "I'm here", ": )"/*<-this is me*/);/*<-this is you*/

It was a realy fun conversation

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