Webinar Recap: My Experience with ASP.NET 5 (vNext): Part 1

Before I share my experience, I would like to thank ALL for your support. Especially C#Corner team & Vithal Wadje (Mumbai Chapter Leader) played pivotal role by arranging & promoting this event. A big thanks to them too!


There were 313 registrations and it was attended by 80+ people. It was conducted on 12th Feb 2015 at 08pm IST.

Agenda: Webinar - Getting Ready with Asp.Net 5


As many of you’re aware that I speak regularly at Delhi/NCR chapters every month. But many C#Corner enthusiasts, authors, readers who live in other part of the world asked me to upload the audio/video of these sessions. I think face to face interaction with audience is best. I spoke with Vithal on the same and he gave this idea to conduct webinar so developers outside of Delhi/NCR can be part of learning journey.


I was thrilled & excited to host first webinar. I have previously attended webinars by other experts but this was my time. So, I started at 08pm and the agenda was completed by 09pm IST. The webinar got stretched by 30mins as there were many questions being asked by the audience.

I would like to attendees as I had great interactions. Thanks Tadit Dash as you played role of moderator and helped in answering questions!


If you want to read more on Asp.Net vNext, please read series below:

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More webinars are coming soon…

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