What's New in Visual Studio 2011

Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview New Features

Firstly, Click Here To Download Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

  • HighEnd HTML5 and CSS3 Supported Features Enabled.
  • CSS supports include color picker , improved intellisense, new formatters and so on.
  • Better auto indentation with HTML.
  • Well Supported Metro Style Apps. For Detail Description about this please Click Here
  • Enable to Edit Code at Runtime.
  • High End Support on process to defer validation and unvalidate request on requested data.
  • High End Support towards Bundling and Minification.

    Question Arises: What is Bundling and Minification?

    Bundling: Combination of Javascript files and CSS files which is treated as single unit file.

    Minification: It removes any extra white spaces and unrequired characters for Javascript and CSS
  • Using EmptyDataTemplate with Grid View to filter out data when no records found.
  • HTML Encoded data binding techniques Example: <%# : Item.Student.Class %> . Encoding can be performed just by adding ( : ) colon.
  • Automatic rename and Matching of HTML tags when you edit or rename.
  • Auto-reduce statement completion when dealing with CSS.
ASP.NET 4.5 MVC 4.0MVC 4.0
Highly Integrated Support with HTML5. Highly Supported Client Side Validations using javascript .
Well Supported Model Binders. Supports Mobile and Tablet broswer application templates.
Well Supported WebSoket Protocols. BrowserOverriding Feature Enabled to serve request coming from different user agents.
HTTP Request and Response are performed asynchronously. New Classes : ValidationHelper and Validator
Well supported HTTP Async handlers and modules. Improved Membership and Authentication . Whereby Enabling to render social networking sites to get accessed.
Well Deployed Encoding aspects from AntiXSS library whereby it prevents from cross site scripting attacks.  
Server Side Event Handler generation Mark up  
Smart Tasks Well Deployed within HTML Markup.  
Extract User Control from inline code, and enable to use it at multiple places.  
Asynchronous Programming well supported with Async and Await Keywords.  
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