Windows Identity Foundation SDK Installation

We need to install the following SDK for proceeding with further articles.


  • Windows Identity Foundation SDK 4.0

The Windows Identity Foundation is a framework for building identity-aware applications.  The framework abstracts the WS-Trust and WS-Federation protocols and presents to developers APIs for building security token services and claims-aware applications. Applications can use the framework to process tokens issued from security token services and make identity-based decisions at the web application or web service.

The SDK integrate with Visual Studio and provides templates to ease the tasks of developing Windows Identity based applications.  We will be using this in the next article related to Access Control AppFabric.




You can download the SDK using the following Url.




Download the appropriate version.  For Visual Studio 2010, the 4.0 version is required. 




In the installation wizard please note the installation folder as it will be required in for future use.





Post Installation Verification


We can verify whether the required Visual Studio extensions are installed.  Open the Visual Studio and create an azure project with a web role in it.


Right click on the web role and you should be getting the following menu item named Add STS Reference.  This is the Secured Token Service menu option which will perform necessary assembly reference and configuration change on execution.




If you are able to see the following window, then the installation was successful.



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