The Complete Visual C# Programmer's Guide

The Complete Visual C# Programmer's Guide, written by the authors of C# Corner, covers most of the major components that make up C# and the .NETenvironment including Windows Forms, ADO.NET, GDI+, Web Services, and Security. The book is geared toward the beginner to intermediate programmers.

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  • Book type: PDF
  • Pages: 895 pages
  • Publisher: Microgold Press; Pap/Cdr edition (November 8, 2002)
  • Language: English
  • .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1

    Book Description

    The Complete Visual C# Programmer's Guide covers most of the major components that make up C# and the .net environment. The book is geared toward the intermediate programmer, but contains enough material to satisfy the advanced developer. The book starts by introducing the reader to the .net environment and some basic C# program examples. The book then goes in depth on how to navigate the Visual Studio environment and introduces the reader to the C# language. From here, the book dives into the .net framework and how to take advantage of is capabilities using C#. Some of the topics covered in great detail include database programming, and Web Services, COM interoperability programming, security in .net, mobile phone programmming, GDI+ graphic programming, multithreading, Windows Services, XML and SOAP in .NET, and much more. Chapters in the book contain programming examples, reference tables, and step-by-step tutorials to guide you through one of Microsoft's greatest achievements in programming environments.

    About the Authors

    • S. Bulent Ozkir is a software engineer and consultant from Turkey and is an experienced Microsoft developer.
    • John Schofield is an independent consultant with more than 12 years' experience with C/C++ on the OS/2 and Windows NT platforms.
    • Levent Camlibel holds a master's degree in economics and industrial management.
    • Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner, holds Master's degree in Computer Science. He has more than 11 years of experience with Microsoft technologies and working with .NET since .NET 1.0 beta.
    • Mike Gold is the president of Microgold Software Inc. and creator of the UML tool WithClass. Mike's company is a Microsoft VBA Parner and a Borland Tools Companion Partner.
    • Saurabh Nandu currently lives in Bombay, India. He is the founder of, which concentrates on teaching C# and .net.
    • Shivani Maheshwari curently works in Banbalore, India. She ha also worked with C#, .net, Java, WAP, XML, ColdFusion, VB and other middleware technolgies.
    • Srinivasa Sivakumar is a software consultant, developer, and writer. He specializes in web and mobile technologies using Microsoft solutions.

    Table of Contents

    About the Authors iii
    Foreword vi
    Chapter 1: Introduction 1
    Chapter 2: .NET and the .NET Framework 7
    Chapter 3: Hello, C# 24
    Chapter 4: Compiling and Debugging 29
    Chapter 5: C# Language Programming 49
    Chapter 6: System I/O and Streams 117
    Chapter 7: Exception Handling 138
    Chapter 8: Visual Studio .NET IDE 165
    Chapter 9: Windows Programming 209
    Chapter 10: Database Programming Using ADO.NET 266
    Chapter 11: An Introduction to ASP.NET 315
    Chapter 12: Advanced ASP.NET 333
    Chapter 13: .NET Web Services 389
    Chapter 14: XML.NET 425
    Chapter 15: GDI+ Programming 486
    Chapter 16: Threading 533
    Chapter 17: Windows Services 550
    Chapter 18: COM Interoperability 582
    Chapter 19: TCP/IP and the Internet 607
    Chapter 20: Strings and Arrays 649
    Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Topics 689
    Chapter 22: Security in .NET 747
    Chapter 23: SOAP and .NET Remoting 806
    Chapter 24: Mobile Programming 835
    Chapter 25: .NET Remoting 862
    Chapter 26: Deployment and Packaging 897
    Index 920


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