Crystal Report Viewer is not showing up in Windows 10

Nilesh Jadav

Nilesh Jadav

Oct 14 2015 6:12 AM
Hello  everyone !

I am trying to pull out from last three weeks, I had search everything on internet but the problem still exist. So here is the query - I had install crystal report for my visual studio 2010 that is running on Windows 10 and i had made one small project on that , but when i run the project the browser don't show me any crystal report viewer, it just have a blank screen. It never happen when i was having win 8, I never face any problem like this,  i had made several projects on crystal report that are running but not on win 10. 

System :

Windows 10 
Visual Studio 2010
Crystal Report for VS10
Any response will be appreciated !! Thank you !! 

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