Display pdf file in win_app

Nima naqipoor

Nima naqipoor

Mar 5 2010 12:01 PM
I want to open show a pdf file in my win_form_app ;I've added the Adobe pdf reader tool( AcroPDF.dll) from Com Components to Toolbox .just dragged this control to my form .
<<I want this project to run in client's computer which has't adobe acrobat installed ,what can I do ??>>Confused 
can i use that dll file( only) in deployment ?is it enough?Unsure 

assume that client users doesn't know even 
what is acrobat reader ... D'Oh! I want when they install my application acrobat 
be installed automatically or some ways like this .please gimme a solution.Rose
please tell exactly or post a link .Thanks

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