get iso fields byte numbers in c#

Deepak Veer

Deepak Veer

Nov 15 2014 4:32 AM

i have this iso8583 message0200B2200000001000000000000000800000201234000000010000011072218012345606A5DFGR021ABCDEFGHIJ 1234567890

now i want to find out in which byte array field is present.below output i need using c#. i know bitmap shows which fields are present in message. but i am still not able to get output which i needed.

Field-3 : 201234 Field-4 : 000000010000 Field-7 : 0110722180 Field-11 : 123456 Field-44 : A5DFGR Field-105 : ABCDEFGHIJ 1234567890  how can i do this ?

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