How Do I Convert Microsoft.Analysisservices.Adomdclient Cell

Sibeesh Venu

Sibeesh Venu

Nov 12 2014 11:51 PM

Hi All,

For the past few days I am working on Microsoft.Analysisservices.Adomdclient Cellset , Now I am facing some problems , I need to convert the Cell Set to XML or Json in the server side itself. I have searched a lot , but failed. Finally I Came up an idea of converting the Cell Set to HTML table and in the client side I am converting it to the Json(http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/830309/Convert-CellSet-to-HTML-table-And-From-HTML-to-Jso) . But I feel it is an overload. If there is a direct way to convert the CellSet to XML or Json, I will use it instead of my existing method. Please suggest me one. Thanks in advance

Tags : JQuery mvc asp.net csharp adomd

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