How i convert date in yyyy/mm/dd

saurabh maheshwari

saurabh maheshwari

Aug 3 2015 8:12 AM

How i can Change my date into yyyy-mm-dd format and this From and to are parameters of SQL  Stored Procedure  .so please tell me what i do
 DateTime from = new DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(txt_from.Text.Split('/')[2]), Convert.ToInt32(txt_from.Text.Split('/')[1]), Convert.ToInt32(txt_from.Text.Split('/')[0]));
DateTime to = new DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(txt_to.Text.Split('/')[0]), Convert.ToInt32(txt_to.Text.Split('/')[1]), Convert.ToInt32(txt_to.Text.Split('/')[2]));
if (to > Convert.ToDateTime(DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString()))
RegisterClientScriptBlock("alert", "<script>alert('To date can not be later than current date.');</script>");
to = to.AddDays(1);
if (from <= to)
SqlParameter[] param = new SqlParameter[]
new SqlParameter("@from",from),
new SqlParameter("@to",to),
new SqlParameter("@PortalId",Convert.ToInt32( Session["PortalId"]))


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