How to get database table values in textboxes and lables

Venkat S

Venkat S

Jul 28 2011 9:12 AM
Hi Friends,
Any one knows this please resolve my problom

i have one table name coldstr and columns(id,name,color,stat..)
then i put in gridview in inside gridview i have one EDIT and View..
hear i click EDIT to display all data in wt i have textboxes and lables...i have done this.

then the problom is when i click View i want to go another page and i pass name in query string  then i want to get full row data based table row values based on name ....this is also i done.
the main problom . i want to get full row values in textboxes and lables wt i have.in this page(i mean next page)

please any one knows tell me how to display.

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