images -> toolstrip -> toolstripbutton

Irene Tan

Irene Tan

Mar 20 2008 2:22 AM

I am doing a project on images. And have encounter soome difficulties along the way. I am using VS2005 C# language, windows form. The problem is...

When i open an image using openfiledialog, the image is place in a picturebox. At the same time, there will be a new toolstripbutton appearing with the image on it; which is the same iamge on the picturebox. The program which i have now can open many iamges but cant click the toolstripbutton to togger back to the previous image.

But then how am i able to click on the toolstripbutton to display on the picturebox?? as the toolstripbutton is generated when an image is open?


Can any1 give me advise!!! totally stuck! help... thx (-o^)

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