Need help in sharpoint 2010 look up field.

Apr 25 2011 2:02 AM
Hi all,
I have a list in sharpoint 2010 say for EmployeeList:Fields are Empid and Managerid.
The sturcture of the list is like below:

using the above list creating another list say for EmployeeLookup list, in this list empid and managerid is 
lookup field. after creating these two lookup field both the fields are becoming dropdown list filling with
values..empidlookup dropdown with all the employeeid from EmployeeList(reference list) and manageridlookup drop
down with all the managerid from EmployeeList(reference list).

query1: For the secod lookup i.e manageridlookup in second list i want unique values so in this case  manageridlookup
should fill up with values only manager001,manager002 but its filling with all the values from EmployeeList(reference list).
When i am selecting enforce uniqueness for the manageridlookup property. i can not add second record for the
same manager..many employee can report to same manager right!

query2: While selecting empid from second list i.e lookup list automatically managerid should be poped up mangerid lookup field.

How can i achive the above functionality any help pls....

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