Need help in windows forms

India Programmer

India Programmer

Sep 15 2010 12:09 PM

Hi all expert,

I am working with C#.net windows application. My requirement is passing Customer number and name from one window to second window. Based on customer number datagridview will be loaded in second window. In the there is field called Select (checkbox), balanceAmount. While filling the Grid if the balanceAmount greater than 0 then checkbox will be automatically checked. Upto this part I have done and working fine.


My present requirement is:

Condition1: After editing balanceamount field in datagrid, once its becomes 0, the checkbox field in grid will be unchecked automatically. For example balance amount field in grid say value is 500, now the checkbox status is checked. And when user makes 500 to 0 , immediately the checkbox status will be unchecked.


Condition2: When user uncheck the checkbox manually, the balance amount will be 0. for example when balance amount was 500, that time checkbox was checked status, in this case if user uncheck this checkbox that 500 balance amount will be 0.


Hope I explained the problem correctly…. Could somebody pls help me how can I achieve this and in which event of datagrid code will be written. 

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