passing datacontext from usercontrol to RadGridView

Wigl Wagl

Wigl Wagl

Nov 25 2014 5:21 AM

i'm a beginner of wpf. I use c# and telerik rad controls for wpf. I like to create a simple application with a tabcontrol. I bind a TabViewModel to my TabControl. Also i have a frame control and i load different usercontrols in this frame. In one of these usercontrols i have a RadGridView-control where i load some data from database.

MainWindow - TabControl - Frame - Usercontrol - RadGirdView

My Problem is, that i have to pass the datacontext from my TabControl to the RadGridView.
Because i want to add a new TabItem out of the DataRow of my RadGridView.

I hope it is clear enough.
Thanks a lot
Best Regards

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