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Professional help needed : Designing and coding an application for simulating networks via scripting C#

Feb 24 2010 7:41 AM

I need help with designing and developing a larger application that will be used at the university.
The application will execute code written by students.
It will be used for the following purposes:
- executing code representing nodes in a network
- simulating the behaviour of a network when getting attacked or nodes fail
- simulation like behaviour with start/stop/stepByStep execution
- code will be written in C# and then executed by the program
- denying several functions of C# like sockets and some operators
- implementation of a new idea of OOP. This idea is really new and is not to be posted in here, sry! but its damn interesting! u got my word on that!
- visualisation in any kind

I need to develop an application that has the following tasks:
- executing C# code like a script
- gameloop for simulation purposes
- denying functionality and operators of C# for special objects that will be used by the students
- implementing a new coding idea while using sepcial objects written in C# denying several base functions of C#

I will need help and a push in the right direction with the tasks. I want to develop the application from scratch and in the right way from the beginning.
Any help will be appreciated !

If you are capable and willing to help me, that would be great. Even some: "read this..." or "you might realize it in this way, because..." would be great.

If you have any questions please dont bother to ask.

Thanks in advance !