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Running Total of specific rows of a datagridview

Apr 12 2013 2:31 AM
      I have a Datagridview with Columns Product Name, Unit Price,Qty ,Total and Status. The value of Status Column will be "Y" or "N" depending upon the Product which is fetched from the database.What i need is to get the Grand total of Products with Status="Y" in Textbox1 and the Total of Products with Status="N" in TextBox2. This is what i should get,

Product       Unit Price     Qty   Total      Status

   A                   10             2       20.00      Y
   B                    20            1       20.00      N
   C                    50            2     100.00      Y
   D                   30             1       30.00      Y
   E                    25            1       25.00      N

                            TextBox2=  45.00

How to acheive this.Pls help and thanks in advance

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