Same site look different on 2 different IIS



Jul 3 2014 2:29 AM
Hi there

I have this website that works from 2 different IIS. One IIS to internal users and one IIS to be used with external users. The IIS with the external users is running on a SSL (https:\\......etc.). When I "publish" the files from my asp.net project I export the exact same files to the two IIS, however the 2 sites looks completely different. On the "internal" IIS, everything is perfect, but it is not on the "external" IIS.  The first immediate difference is font and size of the controls on the web site. Another difference is that, on the website, I have a Gridview with a mouseclick event. On the "Internal" website, the event triggers perfectly, but nothing happens on the "External" website. Hope anyone can help me.

ps. when, on the website, viewing the source, the two sites have many differences.

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