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session Timeout after 5 minutes

Jan 19 2015 12:41 AM
Dear all i have a problem with session I have set the session time out in my web.config as follows 
      timeout="60" />

but after 5 minutes my session timeout if the user did not interact with the application means if the user put the application window idle (minimize and do some other task or even when he is filling the form  its quite long form so he may take more than 5 minutes when he fill the form and click the submit button the session time out and he moves to login page)

My application is hosted on the server and  I check there the property of Idletimeout set to 5 minutes i have asked from the hosting provider to increase this time they said that you can increase this using session timeout ,please guide me after 5 minutes if not button is click even if the user is filling the textboxes and when click the submit button session timeout

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