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testing 2010 C# web form application

Apr 26 2012 8:09 AM
Since I am new to working  with IIS and communicates with a C# web form 2010 web application, I have a few questions to ask about how to test the web application with IIS. The IIS I need to work with is IIS 7 that needs to be compatible with IIS6. (This is due to the web application I am working uses meta data files.) Of the ways to work with IIS , I do not think I want to use IIS Express as the web server since IIS EXpress is version IIS 7.5 and above and I want to use IIS 6.

Of the options I am listing below, I would like to know what the better option is and how to accomplish the tasks on my own workstation:

1. I would will use Cassini to test the web application. I will then deploy the web application to IIS on my own workstation and test the web application. How can I accomplish those tests separately? (Note: the network administrator at my small company has already installed IIS for me. (Note: I have not setup IIS to communicate with the web application yet.)

2. I would use IIS as the test web server on my workstation.

Thus can you tell me and/or show me references on how to accomplish these goals?

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