typing game

Rachel Finan

Rachel Finan

Apr 12 2008 12:20 PM

hey iv been given my end of year project to do in college its a typing game (how fun) i have all the code writen for most of teh poject but to start it of i have to write a program to read from file display it and highlight the letter when the player presses the correct key my only problem is now to i set it to check for a match if got a design document that i have worked out how to do this but i cant translte it into c#

int matched = 0;

This will compare the Key.Down value to any of the strings onscreen if there is a match then

Matched == matched + 1;

And the matched letter will be highlighted

for (int matched= 0; matched< length ; matched++)



Inside the loop there will be a if statement to say if the word doesn’t have a match the break the loop and unhighlight the highlighted letters and set matched back to 0.

i know its not alot but its the only way i can figure out how to go about once i get this sorted ill be able to implement the rest of my code and would be extremely greatfull to anyone who wud be able to even give me a headstart on how to go about this

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