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Where CSS can exist physically in a HTML file

Mar 22 2016 5:18 PM
I am learning CSS. I am having difficulty understanding it conceptually. I have a question about where CSS can exist physically in a HTML file. I think the following are the (at least the common)
uses of CSS in terms of where it can exist in the body.
  • Explicit use of styles as "class" and "id" attributes in elements
  • Inline style using the "style" attribute in elements
  • Style tags (in the body)
I know that style tags in the body is not common and that in the body HTML 5 only supports style tags with the scoped attribute.
I know that type selectors in CSS within style tags in the header can affect the specified element(s) logically but I am only asking about physical presence within the body.
Does that list specify (generally) everywhere that CSS can exist physically in a HTML file?

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