Azure Advisor, Monitor, And Resource Health Generally Available Now

Microsoft has announced general availability of Azure Advisor, Monitor and resource health. Now, the company is offering its users with robust monitoring, alerting capabilities, in addition to customized recommendations based on best practices.
Microsoft states,
“Your feedback during the preview release helped us prioritize the right set of capabilities that are now generally available.”
Microsoft also goes on to inform that they have been using these services internally for some time now so as to run as well as monitor Azure at scale. And from now on, the users will also be able to leverage it to monitor and receive alerts. Azure Advisor will also go on to notify you when your Azure resources are not performing as per your plan. Moreover, the company has also gone ahead and provided recommendations when resources can be optimized. And, you can get all this done through the Azure portal and/or programming via APIs.
The company states,
“If you are running your virtual machines on Azure or using other Azure services, you can benefit from these capabilities today.”
For further information, check the official blog.
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