Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure CLI 2.0

Microsoft announces general availability of VM, ACS, storage and network command in Azure CLI 2.0. This announcement states that the users will now be able to use the commands in productions, with complete support by Microsoft through Azure support channels as well as through GitHub.
Microsoft states,
“We don’t expect breaking changes for these commands in new releases of Azure CLI 2.0.”
During the early preview period, Microsoft has gone on to receive indispensable feedback from adopters and has gone on to add new features, based on the provided feedback.
Microsoft informs that the number of Azure Services supported in Azure CLI 2.0 has grown and they now have command modules for SQL, DocumentDB, Redis and many other Services on Azure. They also have new features, so as to make working with Azure CLI 2.0 more productive. For example, the company has added the "--wait" and "--no-wait" capabilities, which enables the users to respond to the external conditions or continue the script without waiting for a response.
The company states,
“We’re also very excited about some new features in Azure CLI 2.0, particularly the combination of Bash and CLI commands, and support for new platform features like Azure Managed Disks.”
You can easily download Azure CLI 2.0 which is now an open source and is available on GitHub.
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