Azure Now Equipped With Supercomputing Abilities Offered By Cray

Microsoft Azure is becoming more powerful every day, thanks to the efforts company is making. Now, Microsoft has joined hands with supercomputers manufacturer Cray to bring supercomputing abilities to Azure. The company has informed about it via a blog post.
As per the announcement,
"The exclusive partnership with Cray will provide the customers unprecedented access to supercomputing capabilities in Azure to solve their toughest challenges in climate modeling, precision medicine, energy, manufacturing, and other scientific research."
The company sees this step as another milestone in the path to helping the customers leverage HPC and AI within the Azure cloud environment. This is worth noting that Microsoft is pretty active in this endeavor for quite a long time, be it partnering with InfiniBand for high network performance, or acquisition of Cycle Computing for simple management of hybrid HPC, or bringing high-end GPUs to the public cloud.
Now, with the introduction of supercomputing into the cloud, Microsoft has really stretched the strings to provide the best cloud service to the customers.
Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Team, further informs,
“Microsoft and Cray are working together to bring customers the right combination of extreme performance, scalability, and elasticity. Customers can get a dedicated Cray XC or CS series supercomputers in Azure to run HPC and AI applications alongside their other cloud workloads directly on the Azure network. The Cray systems easily integrate with Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Data Lake storage, the Microsoft AI platform, and Azure Machine Learning services for rich workflows and collaboration. All of this provided in the cloud with the most datacenters worldwide, the most compliance certifications, and dedicated regions for government agencies and their partners.”
For more information regarding this new bond, you can go through the Press Release from Microsoft. What we see in this partnership is the potential of changing the world of Cloud Computing for a better future.
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