BitPay Wallet App Launched For Windows 10

After serving with Copay wallet, the most popular wallet option for bitcoin users for two years, BitPay Inc. has launched a new BitPay wallet app for Windows 10 devices. The app is now available for download, and supports Windows Holograpphic, Windows 10 PC, and Windows 10 powered mobile devices.

BitPay has been working closely with Microsoft 10 for more than 3 years. In January 2015, it launched Copay Wallet for Windows mobile users. Now, the BitPay Wallet app is available for most Windows 10 powered devices, and you can install it on upto 10 devices with a single Microsoft Account login.
In the official announcement, the company states,

“Bringing the BitPay wallet to the Windows Phone is only a small part of our work affecting Microsoft users in recent years. In late 2015, Microsoft added our Bitcore Bitcoin development platform to its Azure cloud service platform.
Back in 2014, Microsoft became the most prominent company accepting bitcoin payments, using BitPay for Xbox payments and other purchases its online Windows Store. Microsoft's continued commitment to blockchain technology and interest in smart contracts makes our bitcoin wallet platform – the foundation of many exciting smart contract projects – a powerful addition to the Windows Phone app ecosystem.”
The features of BitPay Wallet application are as follow.

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The BitPay Wallet app can be downloaded for free from here in Windwos Store. Since it is open-source software, you can view the code on GitHub.
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