Cryptocurrencies still draw Gen Z and Millennials: Mudrex Survey

A survey conducted by Mudrex, a global crypto investment platform, paints an optimistic picture of crypto's mainstream acceptance. In a report titled ‘Investment Trends in FY 2023-24: The Indian Crypto Renaissance’, it stated that 50 percent of the respondents in a survey envisioned cryptocurrencies becoming a mainstream asset class within the next five years.

“This surge is indicative of evolving investment preferences and changing attitudes toward digital assets,” says Edul Patel, CEO of Mudrex, a Global Crypto Investment Platform. He added data from the survey suggests a broader shift in the financial landscape and how different groups of investors perceive crypto as part of their portfolios.

The Mudrex survey, which was conducted between June 2023 and January 2024 to explore crypto investment behaviours and challenges, had 8,976 participants from across the country.

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