Four Customizable AI Services Announced For Businesses At Build 2017

Microsoft has made four customizable Microsoft Cognitive Services available for businesses to develop artificial intelligence.

At its annual developer conference, Build 2017, Microsoft has made customizable Microsoft Cognitive Services available for businesses to develop artificial intelligence. Currently, the company has announced four such services.
  • Custom Search to make searches with your own terms
  • Custom Vision Service to let developers create computer vision with just a few dozen of their own images
  • Custom Decision Service to focus on A/B tests
  • Video Indexer to make videos searchable
In the official blog of Microsoft Cognitive Services team, the company states,
“Today at the Build 2017 conference, we are excited to announce the next big wave of innovation for Microsoft Cognitive Services, significantly increasing the value for developers looking to embrace AI and build the next generation of applications.”
Also, the company states that more than 500,000 developers are already using the Microsoft Cognitive Services, and with this set of services, you can custom train the service according to your work scenario. This would help you build your own custom AI applications while still using the simple designs of rest APIs.
Well, this was the first day of the announcement; we have two more days to go. Let’s wait and watch what other amazing announcements and releases Microsoft has up its sleeve.