Google Acquires Indian Startup “Halli Labs”

AI and Machine Learning have captured a large space of today’s tech world. Many of the big and small IT market players seem more focused on Artificial Intelligence so as to provide the users with more intelligent applications that can function with a minimum human supervision. Companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Baidu etc. have been working in this direction already for quite some time, and as always, these big fish are eating the small fish in the pound under the hood of acquisition and merger events.
In a recent such event of merger, Google has acquired a very young Bengaluru, India based startup “Halli Labs” which appeared in public on May 22 this year. The company has been working on the so called “old problems” in Machine learning and deep learning.
Halli Labs announced the merger first in their blog on medium and then Google also confirmed the acquisition via a tweet (shown below).
 Google’s spokesperson, Taj Meadows, told,
“We are excited that the Halli Labs team is joining Google. They’ll be joining our team that is focused on building products that are designed for the next billion users coming online, particularly in India.”
Since the startup is very young and not at all noticed, the number of employees, its funding details, and its nature of work is pretty much unclear as of now. However, the founder Pankaj Gupta is a data scientist and has been on pivotal role some failed ventures in past.
Well, this is not the first acquisition; all leading companies have done it, are doing it, and will continue doing it. We can say, it has become a trend in the AI industry, and we will be seeing it more in near future too.
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