Intel Announces Major Breakthrough in Quantum Computing - 2020 Also invites for R&D

Yesterday at CES 2018, Intel announced a new 49-qubit quantum chip that is the next step to "quantum supremacy".

Quantum computing is the next generation of computing that computer scientists believe will overcome many hurdles today’s digital computing can’t solve.
Yesterday at CES 2018, Intel announced a new 49-qubit quantum chip that is the next step to "quantum supremacy", Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in his keynote speech.
In his keynote, Intel CEO talked about the power of data, building autonomous future, AI, and VR and immersive technologies. Brian also mentioned that Intel is committed to advancing quantum computing and actively working on quantum computing systems.
Quantum Computers are new kind of machines that are built on the principles of quantum mechanics, that take a new approach to processing information, thus making them super powerful. Quantum computers use Qubits to process the information.
Today’s digital computers are designed based on a bit (‘0’ or ‘1’) but the fundamental unit of processing in quantum computing is a “qubit” that has more starts than just 0 or 1. A qubit has properties such as superposition and entanglement that make it much more powerful than a bit. Learn more about qubit here: An Introduction to Quantum Computing.
Earlier, Microsoft announced a new programming language, Q#, that is designed to build quantum computing-based applications. If you want to learn about Q# and quantum computing, check out Getting Started with Q# Programming.
We generate enormous amounts of data each day and are going to generate more in the future, which is expected to create major problems, and one of the key challenges that we face is cyber attacks and data hacking. As a matter of fact, Cyber Security is one of the major challenges for today’s CEOs but it also presents a good opportunity for developers and IT professionals and will create many new jobs in the future. Read Cyber Security - A Secure Opportunity for Developers.
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