JHipster v4.5.6 Released

JHipster v4.5.0 has got a new version 4.5.6.

The popular development platform for generating, developing, and deploying Spring Boot + Angular web applications, JHipster is now capable of more fast and fail-safe programming even with the MongoDB and Cassandra entities. JHipster v4.5.0 has got sixth new patch with fixes and updates in the latest release of version 4.5.6.
Some new features have also been added to this new version along with the fixes to some issues. As per the official release notes,
“This release also comes with some really awesome new features:
  •  After months of being stuck, our Upgrade sub-generator is fixed!. Of course there are many use cases when upgrading, and this is still very new, so feedback is highly welcome.

  • Infinispan support for both Hibernate 2nd-level cache and Spring Cache abstraction is now active. This is still in BETA and should be more tested, but you can already try it and send us your feedback.”
You can upgrade your JHipster tool automatically using the following two commands.
Upgrade your version of JHipster:
  1. yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster   
And then, run the upgrade sub-generator:
  1. jhipster upgrade  
However, you can opt for manual upgradation also. The process is perfectly described in the JHipster v4.5.6 release notes.
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